First launch was textbook except that my right brake line was wrapped around the riser.  I’m sure I could have flown that way.  There was no fear of it locking or changing wing shape in any significant way but because it was wrong I circled and landed.  The second launch was also clean.  This morning after I’d set up I stood behind the wing and checked that the center A lines were even.  Ordinarily I would have mounted up and launched but I decided to check it from the side and was shocked to see that while the center was properly aligned the wing in general was tilted a couple of feet to one side.  I occasionally make this check but not religiously and expect that on those times that the wing is launching crooked for no apparent reason.   The reason was apparent.  Note to self.  

The air was bumpy until 250 feet where it settled down to a smooth 15 mph easterly breeze.  I flew out to the Redneck Yacht Club and in full reflex and took a few pics.  My plan to drop down and do a few touch and goes was aborted when I decended to 500 feet and encountered moderate turbulence.
On landing I had to change my plan and land on the runway rather than gliding up to the truck.  The wind was gusting and what started out as a very steep decent turned into an overshoot during a brief lull on final approach.
Outbound speed 14mph, inbound 51mph  

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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