715 to 720 Shell Creek

Good times, at the strip. My only complaint is that the grass is always wet in the morning.  This morning I was going to fly with Bill and Paul but Paul bailed when the weather looked dicey and Bill had an appointment with the VA.  I could see storms building over by my rental house but it was calm at the field so I went up for a short flight.  After 20 minutes I could feel the air losing stability, rather than wait for the rodeo I landed and returned to Punta Gorda where I looked at a hunter 35.

Nice boat. clean and in good shape.  Too bad it’s the first one I’ve seen.

Shell Creek. 713 &714

Monday and Wednesday I went for an early flight.  The field is wonderful, close cut grass without a bump.  The area is mixed agriculture, forest, wetland and a little industry.  No elevation changes.

I’m working on slowing down a little bit rather than mashing the throttle.  Today the wing went through all kinda gyrations before I was able to get it stabilized.  The flights were good and my shoulder is starting to get better.