#544 Snowflake

Nice day at snowflake, nothing amazing.  Except perhaps I finally was able to take a good video with the new Go Pro.  Cris tried out a new launching method using Mike and Nate as human A assists.  He did this because he has just had shoulder surgery and cannot stress the shoulder bringing up the wing.

I did get a chance to use the new Go Pro that Dawn gave me. Finally I can shoot HD video .  I can’t seem to upload it but that will come.  🙂

#543 Vance Brand

The take off was a little dicey.  Once again I was heading down the western “runway” right toward the picnic bench that I bounced off of a couple of months ago.  The air was still but I expect that I was in a bit of a downwind take off because of the speed of the trike. Just as I was about to abort the trike lifted off and I turned to the right and flew over the swoop pond. 
Once up, I turned to the south to chase the balloons Dawn and I saw on the way out.  There was only one left but I caught up with him and we flew together until he descended into an affluent neighborhood.  I was amazed to see him glide through the neighborhood at rooftop level even descending lower at times when he passed between houses.  On the east end of the community there was a large green space where he landed.
All I can think was that the guy either lived in the neighborhood or had good friends there!
It was a good flight with good air and beautiful skies.

Flight #543 Snowflake

Mike Bennett and I launched shortly after sunrise.  The thermal inversion was dramatic, at 100 feet or so the temp went up 10 degrees and the air turned to silk.  Mike had lent me a pair of his goggles which I was able to wear under the helmet and I was finally able to get a good seal on my earcups.  Gotta get me some!
Flew to Aurora Res and buzzed the marina.
Launch and landing was into 8 mph breeze.  The weld on the cage has broken at the previous repair.  I will fix it with duck tape and zip ties until I can arrange to get it welded.