Flight #1099. Lack of power

This was interesting and potentially dangerous. One of the push/pull rods in the choke assembly came undone causing a lack of power. The takeoff was slow and climb out was worse. I steered between the clumps of Palm trees, stayed on the throttle and made a flat turn back to the truck at about 50 feet of altitude.

I wanted to fly beyond the truck and turn back to land into the 6 to 8 mph winds. Unfortunately I was losing altitude and there were still a bunch of palm trees that I would have had to clear. So, I picked the first available road and set down 90 degrees crosswind. The palms blocked the wind and the landing was soft.

I taxied back to the truck and diagnosed the problem. Safety Wire should prevent another occurrence.

Flight #1097

It’s been awhile, mostly because I was balancing and refinishing the blades, poor weather and a bad case of bronchitis.

I had a boat showing at 9:30 at Safe Cove which worked perfectly to get in a morning flight. There was a large storm cell offshore which was predicted to be overhead shortly after nine. It was destined to be short and sweet.

The launch and landing were perfect. I powered up slightly during the flare and touched down so lightly, I didn’t even feel it. Twenty minutes after landing a gentle rain started that didn’t let up for 3 hours.

The blades felt great. The vibration has been reduced to almost zero and it’s probably only in my head but it seemed quieter. I neglected to bring my IPad so there was no way to gauge performance but I think that cruise is a lower RPM. Next flight will confirm. The torque seemed higher but I don’t know why that would be. Also there is a strange friction in the throttle.

Storm moving onshore