List of cars …..experimental post from Notes

Joe’s Vehicles over time

Ford Thunderbird sedan w/ suicide doors

During the Zombie Apocalypse called COVID-19 people are finding themselves with too much free time. Today just because I felt like it I compiled a list and photos of the vehicles I’ve owned over the years. Wherever possible I used photos of the actual car, others are from the internet but the colors are mostly correct.


My “Ol Man” was a Ford Man and my first car was his 1969 4 door T-Bird. He sold it to me in 1976 for $400. It served me well at CSU and for a couple of years while I worked to earn my PRCA ticket. It was a great highway car with its own style. Sporting suicide doors and a 10ft CB antenna it was a classy ride.

I had some memorable moments with the T Bird.

Driving the Big Thompson Canyon just ahead of the big Flood that killed 130 people along it’s path. Six were guests at the Silvan Dale Guest Ranch where I was working as a horse wrangler. It hauled a two horse trailer down to Tucson, Arizona. Everything I owned was in the trailer when it blew a water pump in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Fiat Bertoni X-19

AMC pacer

Triumph TR-7

Datsun 77 Fastback

69 Dodge Maxi Van w/ F16 “vista vision canopy “

Toyota 85 MR2

Toyota 87 MR-2

Ford 93 F-150

Toyota 87 MR2

Toyota 2000 MR2

Ford 2001 F-150

Toyota 2001 MR2

#1027 Placida

Nice flight. I managed to leave the house without my phone or IPad.


So…. I satisfied myself with a few laps around the patch, watching the birds and a couple of kayaks fishing in the backwaters.

Takeoff and landing were picture perfect. The wind was very light and turned to be a downwind launch at the last minute. I could feel the wing going slack as it passed through the prop wash but my forward speed exceeded the wind quickly. The rotation and climb-out were normal.

No devices means, no pictures or pretty flight tracks on google earth.

Nuff said.


Hooked up with Mike Nelson. There were multiple cells and one boomer offshore. We both flew about 30 minutes and set down due to impending weather. On the way out of the Meadows I got a little sprinkle and a “blue sky shower” at the Malachi bridge.

The air was great below 500 feet and moderately bumpy above.



Cross wind take off and landing, 10mph steady from the SE.

Rowdy near the surface but butter above 300 ft. After the flight I spent 45 minutes kiting in moderately difficult conditions. Good workout.


Placida with Alvaro.

Light wind from West at Launch. Wing came up nicely so I kept off the brakes and really built up speed allowing the wing to reach trim speed before lifting off.

We flew Gasparilla Island. I mostly stayed high except for a a portion of the beach run. Ground speed out was 21 or 22 knots and return was 47 or so.

Winds had picked up considerably at the LZ upon return. After a nice touch and go

Alvaro took the opportunity to catch a reverse and got off twice. Two and a half years in the saddle and looking good.