Refitting the boat

After a few days at the house Chris, RJ and I Sailed the boat to Safe Cove Boatyard. The bottom looked pretty good considering it’s age. However, there were a few small blisters and the bottom needed to be stripped to the gel coat. I tapped the hull from stem to stern, it was solid . There was a tiny bit of weeping at the bottom of the rudder that concerned me but it was dry after a couple of days. After a great deal of surfing, and quizzing the locals, I opted to let it sit on the hard for a couple of weeks and seal it with the best barrier coat available. It was fairly expensive but not nearly as much as sanding and resurfacing. The general consensus was that it was a damn good bottom for a 30 year old boat and I would be better served spending my budget elsewhere.

The strut had been serviced in 2016

In the “blast pit”.


Applying the barrier coat.

First coat of bottom paint.