Flight #1138

Beautiful clear morning with just a whisper of breeze from the South East. At the intersection I picked the North West runway and set up. The previous launch I observed that the lines were being held back by the keepers so I stuffed some paper towel into the bottom to prevent any pinching. It worked . The wing was slow to inflate but once it caught it came up straight and clean.

Landing was the worst in a long time. I came in with almost no power , trimmers “all in”. The flare was probably a tad high because I ran out of authority and came down hard. Not enough to stress the rig but certainly not the slow greasy landings of late. Next time, I think the conditions are similar I’ll put the trim to neutral.

Getting more comfortable with the risers every flight.

Flight #1136

I discovered the risers needed to be swapped left for right. After totally screwing up and creating a tangled mess ! I turned the garage into a wing loft and restrung the risers. Yesterday I was able to kite it and Today was the test.

First launch was aborted. I believe there was a crosswind just above the surface or bad timing on my part. Second launch was fine. Wing flew well and WST is much better swapped.

Landing was spot on.

Flight #1134 Immokalee

No Drama. Better weather than the last time. The field was wet making for a spicy drive across the field. There were tiny biting ants that would find you as soon as you stood still for a minute. The takeoff was long but the flight was short. No particular reason. I just felt like heading back. I hung around till everybody was down. Took a minute to meet the guys. This is the largest group I’ve flown with in a long time. Watched the newbie carnage . No injuries except a couple of props. The new pilot was nervous and should probably not have been pressured into launching.