Fly in the morning … Sail in the Evening


#541  Saint Marys LZ .  30 minutes
The trike was slow to come up to speed and I was again unhappy with the slow climbout.  On landing I discovered the front tire was beyond flat, there was no air in it at all!  The weeds are full of sharp thorns and it will only be flyable with slime in the tube.  The Eden III is still pulling a little to the right  and I corrected with a little right trimmer.
Air was smooth except over by the lake.  Landing was perfect.  I have to approach from the North between the power lines and be sure to clear the canal before touching down.


Click on the full screen button to before watching the race.  1st and 2nd place boats did not submit GPS tracks

Later in the day after work Dawn, Spencer, John and I raced at Chatfield Spring Series Race #6.  We Placed 3rd behind Tireless and  Moku      .  We were protested by  Graham in Manana who we fouled during the start, didn’t catch the protest until the last leg and we were forced to do turns allowing Tireless and Moku to win clean. The race was not affected because they would have corrected over us regardless of the penalty.  Kaija finished last due to an equipment failure but maintained the overall lead by throwing out the race.  As more boats start using the app on their smart phones the replay will improve.  Still it is very cool/

#540 Saint Marys LZ

I was up at 5 but the wind was blowing.  After a cup of coffee it came down enough that I couldn’t excuse myself for not flying.  20 minutes later I was loaded and on the way.  The Breeze was light from the SSE and I was able to set up parallel to the rows and between the two sets of power lines.  If it weren’t for the thousands of huge prairie dog holes and the bumpy surface ….and the confusion of power lines … this would be a damn good field.
The air was a bit twitchy and at 800 feet it was blowing and mixing.  I did a few laps and landed early.  Good Flight