#405 #406

First Flight I launched with the Eden III for the first time at altitude using the Falcon. I’d routed the brake lines through the Hang point loops and didn’t like the feel…(too much friction)… so landed quickly. When I went to relaunch I must have been careless because a line went into the prop during inflation and band that was it for the Eden until I replace some lines.

Relaunched with the PowerPlay Sting 250 and had a nice flight. Below Marak was practicing takeoff and landing.

That afternoon Chip and Sean climbed the hills west of the house and did some free flight I went out to the boat and work on getting it livable. The offer for an electric slip is enticing.

#403 #404 Simms

0700 hours 27 degrees Very Light Breeze. Best part of the flight was boating around the field at 25 to 50 feet. Gas was low…I think there is about 1/3 of a gallon when the spy tube hits bottom. Maybe 20 minutes of air time. Snowboard pants and midweight ski gloves were just fine to keep off the cold.
1730 hours Flew with John Black in the afternoon. The guy can fly.
Denver Skyline at sunset

#401 #402

When I got to Simms there was a cop sitting on the west side of the round a bout. I waited him out for 10 minutes and finally parked the truck by the roadblocks and No Trespassing sign. I figured it was time to see if they were going to enforce the restrictions to recreational users. He watch me unload the Falcon and when I was about to wheel it into the field he graciously drove off.
So… ‘m thinking that they are more interested in people dumping in the field than anything else. Good for us!

The air was light and I launched without trouble even though the trimmers were out and the breeze turned at the last second so that I was launching downwind ( 1 knot downwind… no big deal).

Nice Flight