Getting ready for a road trip

The rest of the family is packing for a girls trip and I have two weeks before I join them. Thinking about a little road trip. Maybe a couple of days to fly Moab …Glenwood springs and whoo knows where else. The motor is running good I could use a spare belt but the old one should do in a pinch.
I’ve got two summer road trips nailed down this one and Vegas in August…
It might be fun to take the girls one at a time for an extended training drive so there is a good chance for some overnighters in July.

Jeff Goin has just returned from participating in a flight along the panama canal being one of the first to fly PPG from the atlantic to the Pscific or visa versa. I thought it interesting that one of the recent posts to his blog included this diagram. I need to work on being able to predict glide to any specific area under me at any time. Whic way is the wind blowing and how stong is it will determine if I can glide to a safe and convienient landing zone.
Things to do for Road trip
1. assemble tool kit
Torque wrench
Replacement spring & bolts
allen key attachment to tighten belt with above
2. camping box
sleeping bag
cook kit

3.flying box
wind sock
stake & hammer
flight suit
construction ribbon
spare parts box gear box a few friends
Steve K
Rob em & Bill em
maybe Johnny Fetz
6. goggle sites to fly
Colorado National Monument