Flight #1134 Immokalee

No Drama. Better weather than the last time. The field was wet making for a spicy drive across the field. There were tiny biting ants that would find you as soon as you stood still for a minute. The takeoff was long but the flight was short. No particular reason. I just felt like heading back. I hung around till everybody was down. Took a minute to meet the guys. This is the largest group I’ve flown with in a long time. Watched the newbie carnage . No injuries except a couple of props. The new pilot was nervous and should probably not have been pressured into launching.

Flight #1130

Launch was sloppy due to the port side A’assist not being attached. I fought the wing into the air and after a couple of deflations was able to stabilize it overhead for a brake assisted rotation. That, and a light fuel load made for a short sweet flight.

I flew to Safe Cove and back experimenting with the WTS. I’m confident that I’ll be able to reroute them without having to lay out the wing. I have not inspected the prop repair but it didn’t explode in flight.

Flight #1128

Aborted first launch when inflation went bad. Suspect more power at start would have helped. Clear air and sky. Light winds. No GoPro. used the trimmers at full out as well as full in.

To Do’s ……..Reroute WST on right side. Inflate tires…. Consider

rotating glass wheel struts. Consider mounting Robert’s throttle.

Flight #1126

First flight in a long time. I went out the morning before and decided not to fly because it looked like a very difficult cross wind launch. Glad I did because this morning the conditions were perfect. Nothing dramatic, it was a simple easy flight.

Flight #1125

A most excellent morning! Awake at 4am. Wide awake, no coffee needed. What to do? Continue packing for the big trip? Nah….

I threw the wing into the truck, slapped some Velcro on to the new IPad case and set off for the meadows. It was 65 degrees, the wind was light and there were patches of ground fog. I laid out the wing taking care to roll the center of the wing under to prevent premature inflation. Sat down, buckled up and pulled the trigger. The wing came up clean and the launch was quick.

The A’asssts were a bit tight during the climb. Note to self… before hooking up the A’assist, stretch the line. The trimmers have broken in nicely,

There was another pilot at the LZ when I came back to land. New guy, named Dave. He told me he was a beginner with just three flights and that his instructor was Rick Davies in Wautchula. His plan was to do a little taxi practice but decided against it. I spoke with Rick later in the morning. He is going to reach out to Dave and encourage him to get a little more training.

An excellent last flight before the big trip. We were going to get together tomorrow morning but I think I’ll pass. I’d feel terrible if I were to tweak myself the day before flying to Antigua.