A twofer for three flights….

826…. 7…. 8

Morning flight was clean.   No Drama
Afternoon flight became a 2fer when I had to come about and land immediately after take off.  Fouled lines were causing a hard right turn.  I adjusted slightly with the trimmers and counter brake on the left side.  The landing was very fast…. The flare felt normal.  
Post flight, I did not find any crossed lines but there was something going on where the tip steering clips in.  I probably freed it when I pulled it off the magnet, but I doubt the magnet alone could have locked in a line.  It’s possible that it was the tip steering, perhaps it was wrapped in the risers and just a couple of inches of lost motion was enough to cup the tip.  I might have been able to fix it inflight ….at this point, there is no way to know for sure.

I’m courious if I did the right thing by letting the right trimmer out a bit (probably a third).  It made the  right side of the wing fly faster and did counter the turn so that I could fly straight.   I could also have allowed the wing to continue the turn and landed as it came around instead of forcing the wing to turn to the left.  Position wise, the left turn put me dead center over the runway, where as, following the wing around, would have put me at the far end of the runway at best and possibly, into a flooded field at worst.  
it felt good to know I had the ability to turn in either direction by working only the left brake I could fly the wing leaving the (out of tune ) right side alone.
Another fix would have been to slow down the left side and since the Lift EZ launches in neutral, there was plenty of room to trim that side in.  Either way …. I would be warping the wing 
The third flight was great!  Clean launch and landing.  Nice sunset.
Whatever the cause of the problem … I should check the Tip Steering lines during future preflights.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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