821… 823

Two flights last Thursday and another this morning.  No drama, other than Mike braking the netting tensioner on his cage. It did go into his prop taking out a chunk, but he was able to nurse it back to the LZ.  I’ve been working on getting as much ground speed as possible before lifting off. This morning the roll out was good.  I didn’t touch the brakes until after the front wheel left the ground and then only very lightly.  The climb was dramatic.  The last two flights I landed with the trimmers completely closed. It works ok and I’m coming in darn slow but the brakes feel mushy.  I’m going to try it alternating between neutral and closed and see what the sweet spot is.

I’m keeping the rig at Shell Creek in the Airport Managers hanger while Marc is using the truck.  

It’s nice to drive out to the field in the MR-2.  It saves loading and unloading the truck.  I pull up to the hanger, pull on my flight suit and go.  On the other hand I’m limited to Shell Creek Airport.

Author: JoeO

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