No Fly Day

This was a disappointing morning.  Bad weather and having my bride home has made it difficult to get in any flights.  Last night she worked late allowing me to hit the sack early.  This morning I woke 15 minutes before the alarm, jumped out of bed and arrived at the field at first light.  I was concerned that I might have left the key in the ignition but …. No, it’s all good.  Cranked up the theme to True Detective,  loaded the wing in my lap, taxied out to the launch zone and just as I arrived I heard/felt a crack.  Damned if the nose wheel hadn’t collapsed!  The last flight was normal with a normal landing.  I’m not sure if it had been damaged for awhile or if it rotted from the inside or I banged it into the earth on landing and just didn’t notice.

Oh well…
I’m off to San Fran tomorrow and will just have to deal with it when I get home.
Note to self….. Take pump and full tool kit to field when you go to replace the wheel.  It did seem to be coming up to full power and maybe the cable needs tightening.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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