813 SCA (shell creek Airpark)

No flying tonight
But…this morning was just fine.  I set the alarm for 5:50 and was launching well before 7:00.  The winds were light from the East.  The last time it was like this I had planned to launch into the wind and turn up the runway, launching crosswind.  Today, after taking the buggy to the west side I changed up and decided,to launch between the Sky Divers building and Mr. Moss’s.  I had to clear a 4 foot fence and stay between a few obstacles but it was reasonable.  The wing came up beautifully and there was plenty of room.  The EZ climbed 300fpm After I closed the trimmers 

APCO also says that you can fly with both the tip steer and brake toggles but I think I would have to have longer tip steering lines to do it because the tip steering engages before the brakes.   (5″)
This morning I tried landing with both and ended up releasing the tips before touch down because the tips were too sensitive and not in perfect balance with the brakes.  So, I’m working the tips to stay straight but not able to flare deep and even.   Tomorrow I’ll see what it’s like to “carve it up” at altitude with both toggles.  I might be over cautious, it may be that I can warp the wingtip far enough to still have enough throw to use the brakes.  

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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