Shell Creek Airpark 812

My first blown launch with the APCO LIFT EZ.  Probably due to some lines snagging the wing came up crooked.  I could have probably saved it but chose to abort rather than take the chance of damaging a brand new wing.  No problem, two minutes later I was climbing over the neighborhood and letting the trimmers out.  The wind was quite light and I was able to get some decent speed readings.  At full out without speed bar I was going 35 mph and at full in with no brakes I was going 28 mph.  APCO claIms the wing can go three times faster than stall speed.  Next flight I’ll work the brakes and see how slow I can go.

Today, in my quest to master the trimmers I tried different angles to see if I can find a way to see the scale when I’m changing trim.  If I were foot launching I think would be easy to see the hatch marks on the trimmer but the trike’s hang point loops restrict the risers movement.  I did have some success if I pulled the trim loop out and away but letting the trim out was still blind.  Perhaps I could put a mark on the edges which are more visible from my position.  If I sew colored thread onto the edge, I would have to be careful not to impede the cam action.  Stay tuned….
So… I flew east, out to the Red Neck Yact Club and the new concert venue and mud park farther out.
I’m going to have to drive out there and see it in action.  Looks like a crazy good time.

I’m not sure how the jump in the middle of a pond works.   Maybe they pump out most of the water and have a mud jump.

Author: JoeO

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