814 SCA

,It rained heavily last night and the LZ was soaking wet.  There was a light breeze from the least but it was just a couple of miles an hour so I chose to launch downwind.  The wing inflated fine, perhaps a bit slower, but cleanly.   I lifted off with 3/4 throttle and suspect that there have been other launches that I would have done better if I’d used more power on the take-off run.  I’d used a couple of inches of brake to launch and the trike flew about  3 feet above the surface until I mashed the throttle and feathered the brakes.  The climb out was dramatic.

There was a distinct thermal layer at 400 ft and the wind shifted from East to North.

This morning I experimented using brake and tip steering together and decided that it didn’t add anything to control so it’s best to use one or the other.  I also intentionally flew through my own wake in Reflex and without.  The difference was obvious.
I dropped down to do some low and slow and spotted what I think we’re Great Sand Hill Cranes, they were huge!  I was able to scare them up for a short flight but lost them in the neighboring jungle.
There was no activity at Punta Gorda Airport so I took advantage of the clear air to fly out to the Walmart distribution facility and back following the peace river.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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