This was a good morning.  I arrived a few minutes after sunrise.   Tremendous boomers were percolating over Placida but the air over Shell Creek was calm.  The sun was starting to burn fog off the field and there was a light breeze at treetop level.  I set up in my favorite spot and launched without using the A Assists.  The wing came up slightly to the left but righted itself quickly.  
Nice flight with and without reflex.  I experimented with the trimmers fully closed.  Speed was around 25 mph and cruise was 2900 rpm.  I think there is about 10 mph between full closed and full reflex, maybe more.  After some time carving at 1000ft dropped down and practiced the low and slow over the pasture east of the LZ.  Reading the trimmers is easer but still not automatic.  On landing I popped up the front wheel.  Means I’m leaving energy in the wing.  Next time I’ll try for a longer glide at touchdown.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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