Maintenance Day

The new wing has inspired me.  After Mike and I split up from the morning launch, I stopped at Ace Hardware and purchased a impact socket that fits the oil drain plug.  I went home and changed the oil and filter on the Generac.
It’s been 20 months and lots of hours….. Shame on me and Bravo to Terry for putting together such a reliable and simple aircraft.  And then…. Because I was feeling so virtuous, I re-positioned my seat so that I sat up straighter.  A couple of hard landings have bent the frame so that the main spar geometry is more like a trike buggy.  I haven’t worried about it much.  It tilts the prop a little forward which keeps the wash out of the wing but it also laid me back which sometimes stressed my chest muscles.  Anyway, it’s more comfortable now and while the hang straps are a little to forward…. It’s an improvement.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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