610 & 611 Vance Brand

Two Good Flights. 
The airfield was unnaturally quiet and I wondered if it was because the moron in charge had flown Air force One into Buckley for an anti-gun function with the Governor.  I’ll have to admit that I hadn’t checked for TFRs, but I didn’t even know the president was in the area, until I heard it on the radio, on the way out to the field.  I unloaded the rig but didn’t set up because  I was sure there was an FAA guy waiting in the shadows to bust me.  Like I was a threat to anybody with a contraption made out of Home Depot leftovers. After an hour of kiting the wing and playing with the dog a plane rolled out and I figured the flight restriction had been lifted.
The flights were uneventful which is a good thing.   The air was a bit unstable so I stayed close to the patch.  There were dark clouds with virga over the foothills and the wind was being pulled toward the storms.  I figured I could stay up as long as the activity stayed to the west and the winds were consistent from the East.
The highlight of the day was doing low and slow passes by the truck to amuse the puppy.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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