Stupid is as stupid does

Well….. Our favorite poster boy for mental illness has done it again.  Just two days after a video showing Dell having a mid-air with a student while attempting a “cage stand”, another surfaces of Dell chasing a bird of prey for 7 minutes, kicking the frightened animal in flight.

It sure lit up the big list.  Over 70 messages in less than two days.

Sure enough it was taken down by Dell who claimed copyright infringement.  Go figure ?  He is claiming rights to the video which will convict him.  An admission of guilt?  His aide says no, he filed the copyright infringement in the hope the true author will come forward to protest him pulling the video.

I will defer to Jeff Goin who spoke to the media.  His blog post summarizes the case well including in interview on Salt Lake TV.   

Here are links to Jeff’s articles about Dell.

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