#435 Snowflake at Dawn

There were two things going on today. 
First was the weather front moving up from the South West and
some serious ergonomic issues that are messing with my fun.

Bad stuff first.  The pain has moved from by sternum area to my back between the shoulder blades.  Moving the hangpoints forward wasn’t the cure.  I spoke with Chad and he suggested that I lower the brake lines or attach another set of handles and see how having my hands lower felt.  I hope it works.

The air was twitchy from the South South West.  I set up into the wind and planned to turn onto the runway after inflation.  The wing turned nicely and I taxied for a bit before committing to launch.  It was a nice morning and I practiced the yank and bank till it hurt which was  ALL TOO SOON. 
Landing… I stayed on the power and touched down lightly it was was surprising when the machine lifted as I added some brake to bring the wing down.  I guess I’d   forgotton how the Eden likes to bleed off energy and should plan on floating above the surface for a ways.  I’m also going to have to practice carting with the wing up and must do a few dead stick landings to get the feel for this wing.

After a quick break I set up for a second flight.  The wind indicator was showing some the breeze bumping up and down between 3 and 8 mph and twitching on a 30 degree arc.  I decided not to go and while I was packing it shifted 180 degrees to the NNW.  The front was showing a bunch of grey clouds moving in from the SSW. 
Until I took it down, the telltail wouldn’t settle down and it was good to be on the ground. 

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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