Whats Freakin Wrong with Me?

It seems like ever since the troubles began it has affected my ability to focus.  I have made one rookie mistake after another and while I have avoided hurting myself… it has been expensive.
This morning was another expensive and disapointing day. 

I allowed my left brake line to catch the prop.  It was a couple of seconds after I started the motor so I’m assuming that I had rolled the maching back too far after layout and the prop wash drew it in..  Listening to World PPG talking about trikes I remembered Jeff saying it was a good idea to give it some slack so the machine could get rolling before the wing started to inflate.   Bob Armond’s position is to have no slack and I have seen other pilots actually build a wall and get into the machine with the wing holding the trike back with the prop wash.  Possibly because of the huge cage and prop, slack lines might not be a good idea with the Falcon.  During layout I made it a point to position the lines out and away.  Something must have changed.

Anyway the wing was sucked into the machine and before it wound down I cut the wing in three places, severed the brake line and by some fluke popped a plug on the gas tank and doused a portion of the wing in in gas.

It sucks to be me this morning…

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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