263 264 First Colorado Thumper Vance Brand

Temp 45 to 50 f
Climb 200ft/minute
Decent 200/minute
3550 max RPM
Powerplay Sting 250

It was good to get this one past. I met Robert K and Marek M out at Vance Brand Airport.
We launched at 3pm in light winds from the North East. First attempt went bad when the A Assists were not putting enough pressure on the wing causing it to hang back. On the other launches I got on the assists manually and it came up just fine.
(change the endless clamps so the tails point into the cage instead of out where a line can get into them)
Another thing is to be sure the Starter/Tach bar is on the correct side when attaching the risers.

I accidentally killed the motor at 230 feet, when I noticed the starter bar was being pulled by the riser strap. I had time to try one restart but failed and came in dead stick. Smooth as a baby’s butt!

Second flight was great…no problems 200ft/min climb and about the same decent.

Monte’s Powerplay Sting was rock solid and the brake pressure was about what I was used to with the old rig.

Marek and I kited Brian’s wing…it is 2003… very light construction and absolutely not the right wing for this application….nuff said

I need to find a better way to hold the Throttle or get a different one. The ol fresh Breeze lever would probably be just fine.
The next time I’m going to try using light bungee cord for the A Assist to see if I can get some more pull on the A’s and not be pulled forward of the rest of the risers during flight.
One thing that has to be mentioned. At one point I hit this spot on the power band where the noise and vibration was reduced dramatically. It was eerie, for a second I thought the motor died. I think it was a combination of things including including belt slap, prop flutter, and who knows what else. It’s too bad that it was at 2250 RPM which won’t sustain level flight. But I’ll bet it would at sea level with a 62 inch prop!

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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