Cage Netting


During the Salton Sea and at the Flying Circus there were plenty of opportunities to stand around the Thumper Bullet and critique the design.Whenever the topic of cage netting came up I was surprised when the first thing said was, “Your going to lose thrust!” or “Its a trike you don’t need it.” These comments came from respected pilots.So…How much thrust can it lose?Especially when your not as concerned about keeping hands out of the prop as that rare time when the wing does the unexpected and a line falls near the prop.The thumper cage is new and twice pilots hooked a line at the Salton Sea. PLUS…a four stroke doesn’t shut down as fast as a two stroke so there are going to be a couple of revolutions after you hit the kill switch.

You don’t need much…

I’m not talking about some of the “hammock netting” I saw stretched over the cages of brand new quads.I’ve posted pictures of a minimal net meant to protect from Line Strike. Zip ties make it easy to get the lines tight as a tennis racket and 300 pound deep sea braid is thin and easy to tie.

Redundant Zip Ties

( one under tension)

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