No Fly Day…

65 degrees

light and variable turning strong from west

Got to the field by 3. Driving North on C 470 I saw moderately strong air coming from the East by North East. At the Hampden & Simms is was manageable but I soon noticed that it was swinging on a huge ack from south to East To North and back again.

I was a little skittish especially since I had guess that the prevailing wind would be from the East.

There were a couple of spectators watching when I set up to launch and reported that the wind shifted from the west just before I started the motor. The wing came up crooked and collapsed quickly. It’s probably a good thing I decided to about. It continued to build and when i unhooked and kited the wing… it was strong and twitchy. Both tips collapsed in a sort of complicated pattern. It looked like it was going to continue building and I wanted no part of a spring air that was being filtered by the Rockies.

Mechanical I’m not sure that using shock cord for the A Assists is the best answer. I suspect that I didn’t get the tension equal and it was part of the reason for the bad inflation. Next time hook em up but still get on the A’s with your hands!

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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