227 Quick Fix Simms

I got my fix, it was short but sweet. The wind was shifting on 220 degrees, not much but enough to blow a launch. I was flying the 26 meter and it fell back on the first attempt. Instead of re-setting I just stopped, grabbed the A’s and tried again. Nice launch I got some decent taxi time before rotating. I’ve got to hold the A’s longer with this wing, probably because the wing is getting older.
The 28m is on the way to Para Motor City for inspection. I’ll pick it up on the way to Tucson and drop this one off.
The air was less than ideal, not bumpy but the wind was shifting and there was lots of sink and lift. When I went to idle and noticed that my decent was only 25 fps I decided to land. The sink had me at 450 fps at 1/3 throttle. The landing was sweet despite the weird air at 500 feet.

The motor wasn’t starting so I swapped spark plugs and it started on the first pull…Yea ! I have to note that the plug that I took out looked good but it wasn’t very tight so that might have been the problem. No IPod this time, I used ear plugs and it was easer to listen to the motor. I feel alot better about the motor, it’s running well and I think it was just paranoia that had me hearing something other than normal.
Better luck tomorrow!

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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