#228 Simms

I’m thinking that the motor is running lean.

Still hard to start…

Didn’t burn much gas…

Throttle is not as responsive …

it’s not lagging just seems a little slow…

I’ve been flying a 150 jet all through the summer and fall at this altitude and higher…

The air is a little cooler but not as cool a it was this spring (during the AM flights). I’ll change to the 155 if I fly again before leaving to Tucson.

Nice flight ,Nill wind on the surface but mixing at 600 feet. Tracy the RC pilot who is considering getting into PPG was at the field. He took some shots and I hope he has something good enough that he will send me a copy. I pretty much stayed over the field and practiced a few touch and go s. I really like flying the 24 m it comes up easier and because it is loaded heaver its firm and seems more stable I going to consider selling the 26 m and trading for a 24. Marek wanted to have me try the velvet 23 but I declined. Chicken I guess. But I really should see how the smaller wing feels.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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