#226 4th Annual Birthday Flight at Chatfield!

It’s been a week since my Knee was repaired with Arthroscopic surgery but I’ve healed enough to get in another birthday flight. Not the prettiest take off. The wing came up as cockeyed as the last time and I’m beginning to wonder what I’m doing or if it’s the equipment. It would probably be a good idea to send them down to Michelle for inspection. I think it might help if I got on the brakes a little sooner. Any way nice flight… trimmers out …59 degrees…almost no breeze. One spectator…same guy that was out the last flight. He sent me an e-mail interested in finding a used trike. I told him about Mo and Robert and promised to reply to his e-mail with some links.
The motor sounded different again and I noticed the rpms were 150 higher than normal. I kept it down to 5500. I’ll feel allot better when Mo has done a ring job and “Pimped out the ride” with EGT and CHT gauges.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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