Flight #1084

No Drama….

This machine has a right hand torque twist, at power. Add to that the drag of the chase cam and it requires either constant left brake or significant trim imbalance to fly a strait line. It’s possible the whole thing is caused by the motor but it doesn’t make sense to hang the cam off the right side of the wing if it’s already wanting to turn that way.

Go Pro…. The Hero 7 failed. The error code is no SD card but I think it’s related to the recent freeze up incidents. …. Yesterday was the first time the camera was flying correctly. I positioned it just behind the paramotor so the wing would be up when tension came on the towing bridle. Today I did about the same thing and it ended up flying upside down. Go Figure. I have not reviewed the footage but I doubt the rig will be in view. No biggie…. The light was lousy. I didn’t miss anything.

The abrasion on the risers is getting worse and will have to be addressed. Some kind of shield that’s thin and abrasion resistant. Aluminum Tape?

All in all it was a very comfortable flight.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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