Placida Flight 1081 and 1082

Two launches and an abort.

The first launch was clean. Well…. Pretty clean. The left side was fouled by the chase cam. It came up crooked and had a hard time getting inflated. When it did harden up, I applied power and lifted off without using brake. As soon as I saw the cam was wrapped in the lines, I decided to land and made a short circle back to the LZ. Clean landing with cam in grass.

No Flyskyhy track. Flight time 3 minutes 6 seconds.

The next flight contained an abort. The breeze had stabilized, it was light but 40 degrees off the runway. I didn’t want to drag the wing and instead I got a half wet wing and 20 minutes wasted to reset. I marched the APCO a couple of hundred feet back and watched the wind build and stabilize 30 degrees of the runway.

The third attempt was golden.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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