Flight 1032 Placida

Boca Grande
Gaspirilla Pass in the distance
Spiraling down to land….

I launched against a light crosswind. It was not pretty. The turn away from the headwind was begun too soon preventing the inside tip from pressurizing properly. I oversteered the wing to the outside and finished the run up, off the runway and in the grass. Climb out was a bit sluggish. Due to high humidity and brake input forcing the launch.

I recall looking over my right shoulder a couple of times before I was satisfied that the whole wing was flying. By then I was off the road and crosswind about 25 degrees . It’s all good but it was 50 degrees off the expected course and on a starboard tack instead of port. Anyway it took awhile to get up to speed and I had to use the brakes to get off the ground.

Climb out was smooth with a pronounced right hand torque steer. I trimmed out the right side 5 clicks and used minimal left break to hold course. Climbed to 2000 and flew, “hands in lap”, making a slow circle around the jet port. Was able to maintain level flight at 2800 -3000 RPM

The throttle is still a problem. The cable needs to be 18 inches longer and the throttle lever action is very touchy. It might improve to increase the lever travel but whats really needed is some kind of dampening to assist throttle control. Terry and I both noticed there was very little friction in the cable.

Next flight I should practice with the throttle. It would be fun to buzz the private jet port but it would be just as effective to run a low and slow close to the LZ.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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