Waiting for Irma

Started the morning at the club. Finished up with the Harbor 20s and chatted with Dave MacBride. The storm models are now predicting that Irma is going to follow the East Coast but it’s absolutely possible that it goes the other way. The local knowledge is predicting powerful northerly winds and the Harbor going dry.

After the club I worked on my next door neighbor’s boat because he is up North. I got the deck cleared, cross wrapped the Furler and tightened the lines. I’m concerned that his main sail is going to cause a problem. It’s in a stack pack and that increases its windage dramatically. If I had a helper or three I’d take it off, but there is no way I could manhandle it alone. I’m going to ask him if he would like me to wrap it.

Eric G and I drove to Port Charlotte this afternoon to drop off some Huricane shutters at his girl friend’s house. We stopped at Chris and Marchelle’s house on the way home. They are so ready. I was impressed by the selection of emergency gear arranged on the dining room table. They are concerned but excited by the force of nature we are all about to experience. Chris and I are looking forward to putting this behind us and get back to work looking for a new boat.

Talked with Eric Woods and he got Edith’s place taken care of so that’s good. About all I have left to do is tie down the “Little Force” and get the electronics together.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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