Back in the Air … Flight 938

I layed out the Apco and launched.  The new belt is noticeably better.  It might need to be tightened a little more but it is not slipping at all.  When you start the engine there is a noticeable jolt as the prop starts turning.  There was no wind at the surface but I launched into where I thought it was and was rewarded with tremendous climb as soon as I left the surface.  The wind was pulling hard to the left because I had not set the trimmers correctly.  No Excuse….  I noticed that the wingtip steering was not threaded through the loop at the tip.  It still operated fine but it was not cupping the wing in the same way.  The seat needs to be changed.  I’m leaning too far back and my helmet is touching the cage frame.  It’s very uncomfortable.

When I got home, I lowered the front of the seat and fixed the wing.  I’m farther forward in this configuration.  My knees are more bent and it might have changed the balance so that the front wheel is lower than I like.  I don’t think it is likely to wheelbarrow but I’m going to have be careful.  A nose wheel landing isn’t a disaster but it would be tricky.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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