Tony’s First Flight

Today was a milestone.  My first student got his first flight 🙂
Arrived at the Placida LZ at 6:30.  Winds were 7 from the NE, cycling every couple of minutes.

Tony set up and launched perfectly.  He flew for 30 minutes at 500 ft.  The winds were strong enough at that altitude that he was just barely penetrating.  Landing was excellent.  

His belt needs to be tightened.  It was slipping a little and made his climb-out too slow for my taste.  I could hear it squealing and possibly slapping although I don’t know how it could slap with a pulley on the slack side.
He needs to practice with the kill switch … He had a little trouble finding it and killed the engine late.
I’m going to encourage him to transition to trike.  The rig was bobbling too much for comfort.  I think those big wheels up front are catching the air.  
I’m glad this phase of training is over.  He’s finally popped his cherry now and can start gaining experience.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

3 thoughts on “Tony’s First Flight”

  1. Terry Lutke the owner at Falcon Manufacturing builds each one custom for the pilot. The basic design stays the same but with several different configurations. This one is a quad built for a tall pilot over 200 lbs.
    Here is the website


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