Two Days Two Flights

Yesterday, after stopping at Mike L’s to get the cage welded I met up with Bob, Mike and Bill at Placida.  We tried to fly there last Sunday but ended up sitting in our vehicles while 3 inches of rain dumped on us.  Anyway….. I arrived about 6:30 and Bill was boating overhead.  The other two were out of sight somewhere on Gasparilla Island.  I took my time getting ready and committed take-off sometime shortly after 7.  It was a bad launch.  I had to turn shortly after inflation and was perhaps a little to abrupt with the wing during the turn.  Never the less, I got pointed in the right direction and applied power.  The field was bumpy and the breeze was gusty and I experienced a pre-mature takeoff.  I touched back down again, briefly, and staggered into the sky.  The air was mixing, not terribly bumpy but not a lot of fun.  I landed after probably 20 minutes.

Second attempt was aborted after I broke a brake line during inflation.  Easy fix replacing less than 10 feet to first cascade.

Author: JoeO

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