Sailing on Paradiso

The winds have been strong, dawn and dusk, for the last two weeks making it impossible to fly.  

It’s frustrating because I’ve changed the pitch on the props so that max RPM is 3500, 200 below norm.  Hopefully this will increase my thrust and climb rate.  My friend John Fetz who has over 10,000 logged hours isn’t as optimistic, he expects higher vibration and decreased thrust.  He is thinking that this course pitch would be helpful after gaining altitude but useless during climb out.  We will see.
It’s too windy to fly, So…. Dawn and I rounded up the SW Florida contingent of Colorado Sail and Yacht and went for a sail yesterday afternoon.  Best weather and best sail since we sailed the boat back from Burnt Store Marina with Bill and Katie last spring. Everything fell right into place.  Steady 14 mph winds out of the North East made for an easy broad reach out and back.  The repairs to the diesel and electronics all seemed to be holding together and we had a high high tide.  There was a ton of food left over from the SCA meetings earlier in the week and Dawn did me proud making by making sandwiches and finger foods for all to share.

A good time was had by all.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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