Yorkshire …. 834

Bob Harrison wrote this one up for FaceBook and so I’ll let his words say it all.
“Enjoyable flight once I got up. The wind was light an changing 180deg. As I learned from my previous failed launch don’t run faster then u can taxi unless the wing is ready. It wasn’t and I aborted. 
Had to take my Moster off twice to get it started and clear it out before I got it started on my back. Electric start is without a doubt worth the weight. 
Joe Onofrio and David Muench had flawless launches. The ease at which David’s wing rose overhead with a very short launch flying a GTR 20 makes me want one bad. 
Mike Lange and I overcame our struggles and flew off with Joe on a big loop with a little water foot-dragging. 
Above the low scud clouds was smooth air though I’m not much into altitude so back on the deck I went. 
If the weather Gods allow we’ll be flying this evening, I think Placida.”

I don’t have much to add except that the winds were fluky.  Switching 180 degrees up and down the corridor we were launching from.  I was set up on the road when it changed from a nice gentle up wind launch to a puffy downwind.   I waited for a lull but was still over 30 mph when the wheels left the ground.  The air was mostly smooth above 300 feet but pretty bumpy down low and around the scud.

Author: JoeO

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