New LZ. Yorkshire 832

Bob and I crossed wires so I flew alone today.  The new site is in the section of North Port Charlotte where I first flew with Mike over a year ago.  It’s bordered on both sides with trees (like the other site), but it’s wider and the trees are lower and slightly less dense.  It was not a problem today since there was no wind at all.  There has been a huge amount of rain lately so the surface on either side of the road was wet and boggy.  I set up dead center (blocking the road) and sure enough….just as I was about to buckle in, a octogenarian named Clayton cycled up on a very nice high dollar triathlon bike.  Rather than get into the bog or Fidel over my bike he asked how far he would have to go back to allow me room to take of.  I smiled, stepped around the wing and offered to carry his bike around the wing.  It really wasn’t that bad but since I was wearing rubber boots it wasn’t a problem to get him behind me.  We chatted a few more minutes before I buckled in and launched.   It really makes a difference to double check the alignment of the wing when launching without slack in the lines.  It came up clean and straight and I taxied down the runway for double the usual distance before tapping the brakes for lift off.

It was a beautiful flight.  I climbed to 1000 feet and found the wind which was blowing 5mph from the east.  Then I closed the trimmers (all the way) and played with the tip steering, descending to 300ft.  The birds are back!  I had no problem scaring up a large flock of egrets and with the tip steering was able to stay on the outside keeping the flock if not under control at least inside the patch I chosen for low flight.
50 minutes after launch I returned and landed (downwind) on the road.  I kept the wing up and taxied 200 yards back to the truck.  It’s All Good!

I’d love to get permission to launch from this sweet little RC Airport

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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