Back in the Sky #824 Shell Creek

I took a couple of weeks off, to give my body some time to recover.  The knee hasn’t been right since the incident and will probably need surgery.  The shoulder is doing better and I’m hopeful to treat it with PT.  I did drive out to the field one day last week and aborted when the wind was blowing directly across the runway and things didn’t feel just right.

This morning…..
The A Assists worked fine and I didn’t suffer any shoulder pain.  The field was slow due to several days of rain and tall grass and the  wheels were a bit narrow, so the rollout was was a but sluggish.  Once up, it took a few seconds flying at “inches off the ground” before I started to get a good climb.   Later I trimmed to full closed and was able to get 300fpm but on launch I was glad to have motored to the far end of the field to gain runway.
Landing at full closed was nice and slow without incident.
I’m a little stiff and sore but on the way back.  It’s all good.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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