Flight #818 Placida

Dawn had an early flight so I got up with her and was at the LZ a few minutes after 0600.  It was almost a no wind take off right down the undeveloped cul de sac I was using for a runway. Although the winds were right I didn’t want to cross the Gaspirilla Causway alone so I contented myself with a good tour on the mainland side of Gaspirilla.

The air was good with the occasional bump.  Lots of activity this morning.  While returning to the LZ I felt a strange vibration.  The motor seemed fine but it was something new and therefore … Not good.  
The landing was fine with a nice float, it was all good except that I had to jump a swell and ended up banging the front caster down when the rear wheels touched against the rise at the far end.  That jolt was probably just enough to open up the broken weld on the top vertical spar of the cage.  Mike Lange was planning to be gone over the weekend so I took it into Gregs automotive who took it in for the quick fix.  
Update…. Greg’s welder John, was trained by my good friend John Fetz

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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