#750 Shell Creek Air Park

Mike O and I were greeted at the field with a magnificent Sunrise.  The grass was wet and there was standing water all over the place.  I watched an armadillo amble past us on his way to Frank’s hanger.  Cute little fella reminded me of a puppy the way he moved.  I brought my chase cam and was hoping to get some good video of our flight.

Mike launched while I fussed around with the camera and set up.  It looked like strong wind aloft with Mike was barely penetrating as he loitered over the field.  Surprisingly, once up, there was very little wind.  Maybe 8-10mph from the East South East.  We flew east at 1200 MSL 4 miles and played around the phosphorus mine.  Good flight with no drama.

Over the last few weeks I’ve become convinced that my Eden III is ready to be retired.  It’s sluggish and the turns are flat.  In order to get a hard banking turn I have to lay on the throttle and really pull some brake.  I bought the wing from Mike Benett who flew it for about a year.  I’m guessing it has 400 hours of heavy use.  The last inspection was 18 months ago and it passed but I’m not so sure it would pass today.

Recent maintenance:
Mike Lange welded a break in the cage where it attaches to the frame bottom left.
Repainted the previous repairs to prevent rust
Replaced the line holders
Replaced two outside D main lines
Maintenance Due:
Replace all fuel lines
Change oil and filters

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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