Back to Shell Creek and the Red Neck Yacht Club Flights 734 735

After flying Gaspirilla Island I returned to Shell Creek for a couple of nice long flights.  Mike and I went north and played around past the Walmart Dist. Warehouse and enjoyed smooth air.

This morning we flew with Bob H and Rodman Gomez out to the Red Neck Yacht Club.  I climbed to 1200 feet and caught up with the guys just as we were arriving at RNYC.  It looks like a lot of fun, there are tracks for ATV races and what looks like strips for drag boats.  There is a small ultra lite airstrip and if we sign a waiver there is no fee for flying there.
After landing we went out for breakfast and back to the airport to see if we could hook up with Frank Moss.  He wasn’t there but we did stop at Sky Dive SW Florida to see about getting a reserve repack.
I don’t think they are too fond of us.  We got another lecture about what we were allowed to do and where we were not allowed to launch and land.  The next time I go out there I’m going to bring a USSPA Waiver for their files.  

Red Neck Yacht Club

Joe.                                   Bob.                     Rodman.                        Mike

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