Vance Brand # 678

Good morning.
EXCEPT … I did it again,. left the key in and had to jump the Falcon.  I’m getting good at it now.  I had walked the wing 200 yards away from the truck and was thinking about starting the motor and taxiing out to the wing and hooking it up with the motor running….. BUT reason took over and I did it the right (albeit risky) way with the motor off.
It rained last night and it has been hot hot so the air was humid and the density of altitude was probably around 10,000 ft.  .I was glad to have gone to the far end of the field because it was one long run to get airborne.  There were 4 balloons up but they were climbing above 9,000 feet and I didn’t feel like listening to the belt squeal while I climbed, so I made do with 6,000 feet and some wing practice.
The Eden III had come back from Paramotor city.  It’s all clean and crispy.You can’t even see where the repair was.  It seemed to want to pull to the left and I had to use trimmers to keep on course.  I’ll fly it a few more times before I call Michelle to see what she thinks.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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