Jerry’s First Flight

Robert K on the PPG Flock Forum


It was great today. Went flying the hill at 10:30 with Marek and Jerry. Marek flew his Wistler 2, 14M from the top. Light 2 MPH wind from the east. Boy did he run. Jerry and I flew from the medium launch. Great flights. Started to snow lightly by the time we landed. Headed out to Longmont to meet Joe O. Jerry made his first 2 flawless flights in 2 mph conditions with great forwards and on his second flight Marek joined him on my Spice 22. They looked like they were having fun carving it up. Jerry is a natural and landed with the hugest smile both times. So please welcome Jerry Patton to the Flock. He will be a fun addition beside being a great pilot. Now we have to ponder what wing he should buy. He already outgrew his Aeros Vitamin 30M student wing on his second flight. I’m thinking maybe a McPara Chronos 25M??? How about you Mike?

Robert K

Jerry’s first Flight

Great Inflation and Runout


Snow to the South West

Base Leg

Motor Off

Starting Flare

Full Flare …. Seated Position

Soft as Charmin Butt Landing 

Great First Flight!

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