#529 First flight of the New Year

An unusually warm winter day and glassy air was just to good to pass up.  I stopped at St Marys LZ in hopes of an early lauch, but the field was still wet and muddy so I went North to Vance Brand Airfield.  No wind takeoff was smooth and so was the air.  Last weeks shop time payed off handsomely, there was no belt slap and the vibrations were reduced significantly. 
There were a couple of small GA guys practising touch and goes and one overflew me a bit close for comfort. I didn’t think his vortex was going to be terrible but I banked and dove just to be sure.  When it hit I had a one third collapse that popped out quickly.  I was at least 150 feet away from his flight path and 200 feet below so it was surprising that I felt any turbulence.
The wing wanted to turn to the right so I will remeasure and move the Riser loops again.  Terry’s suggestion was probably right but I over did it when I moved the left loop forward.

I toured the area away fron the pattern, did a few touch and goes and landed after 70 minutes.

Beautiful Sunset !

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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