Powered Paragliding Colorado Flight #518

Wow 518…. It seems like just the other day I was working on my first 100.  Well this was a new site and it will probably be my new home field.  There are challenges… the surface is uniformly bumpy.  The launch was an accident looking to happen.  I started the roll out and the trike was slow to accelerate.  The surface was hard but bumpy and I was popped up by one of those bumps just a little too soon.  The machine started to yaw to the left but I didn’t lose any altitude and so I stayed on the throttle and prayed.   Sure enough I started climbing and had no problem turning inside of the power lines.  I turned north and climbed easily over the hazards which are high power lines on two sides.  An e-mail from the owner assures me that as long as I stay within the fences I’ll be fine.  So… Next time I’ll explore crossing the ditch and maybe I’ll find a surface that is a little more trike friendly.
This was an exploratory flight, there were balloons off to the north but a little too far to chase down, so I stayed close and explored the area.  It is beautiful… there are lakes and orchard and plenty to keep me busy for a long time to come.  I stayed up for 40 minutes and took several photos including one of Boulder where my daughter Stefania is living. 

New home field

Stefania’s Dorm

Saint Mary’s Church

Bad Helmet

 The landing was bumpy … I touched down and was so busy negotiating the bumps that I just barely shut the motor shut down in time to protect the wing.  This place needs some work but it is legal… I have the owners permission and its close to home.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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