Powered Paragliding Colorado Flights #516 # 517

Beautiful day at Vance Brand
Dawn and I arrived at the field about 7:30, the was just the hint of a breeze coming from the west which lined up with the jeep track nicely.  I took my time, set-up and launched without fanfare. 
The air was smooth and clear.  I made a few climbing circles and flew off to the south where there were 6 or 8 balloons in the distance.  I would have flown out to meet them but I wanted to see when Robert arrived so I turned back and played around the field.   
Longs Peak

 About 20 minutes later two vehicles pulled in next to my truck, it was Robert and Peter with his PG wings.  I set-up to land but after touching down decided it was too soon to quit and relaunched in an extended touch and go.  When I did come down Robert Peter and I shot the bull and talked about the options for Peter to get into PPG. 

The first stick of Swoop divers came in and I took the opportunity to reset.  I wanted to get some air while it was still good the sun was getting high and I knew it wouldn’t be long before the thermals started popping..  From 400 feet I watched Robert blow a launch and when it looked like he was going to wait for some breeze I turned south again to catch the sights.  The ballooons had all dropped to the nap and were playing chase the rabbit.  There were several Light sport aircraft in the area and just a great day to fly.

There was a new pilot at the field … Chris … who had a new Flat Top with the new ultra light trike.  He was a PG guy with some experience but had never flown motor before.  Robert and I spotted while he set up and launched in an amazingly short distance.  Impressive machine.  I wish it’s dealer was a little more mainstream.  I was concerned because the pilot had no formal training and his landing was a bit scary … but he got down fine and it was all good.

The only down side of the whole morning was when a light sport fixed wing ultralight crashed on takeoff.  I didn’t see the whole thing but it looked like he bounced on landing (or takeoff) and cartwheeled.  Within 10 minutes the fire and EMTs were on site.  It didn’t look like to bad a crash but I’m sure it was expensive.
Vance Brand Airport

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

3 thoughts on “Powered Paragliding Colorado Flights #516 # 517”

  1. Hi there!
    This is Chris's mom!! Aha!
    I watched Chris' video of his first para flight, and now after reading this, explains to why the video published cuts of prior to landing……
    I'm certainly relieved all went well!
    Cheers and safe flights!


  2. Hi there! And this is Chris' mom!! :-). I watched Chris' video of his first flight, but somehow, the landing wasn't published….. Could that be the reason? :-O
    I'm glad I didn't see it!
    Cheers and safe flights!


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