Marks "Hilltop" at the Arvada RC park #507

Great site. Great flight!
Mark Johnson is moving to Hood River so he invited the flock to his “Hilltop” LZ for a farewell flight. 
Great Video by Mike Bennett
It’s off hwy 93 not too far from my soon to be new home in Louisville.  Where we took off was behind a recently built housing development.  A couple of the homeowners came out to watch and it looks like they are PPG friendly.  The area is a flat hilltop with steep drop offs on three sides.  The weeds are low but there is a scattering of prickly pear that I’m going to have to watch for.   This is probably going to be my new home field and it’s got a lot to offer.  Close enough to the foothills for hill flying with several lakes, a gravel pit. RC Park and not to far to do a cross country to Golden or Louisville.
Mike Bennett, Ty, Mark Johnson and I all took off on the first attempt and landed on our feet and wheels without incident.  

Flat Irons

RC Park

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