Beery’s Gathering at Monument Valley 09 Video

Move over John Ford, the big dog is moving in.

Beery has captured what the Gathering is all about…
He spares no one… the GOOD… the BAD or the UGLY. Its hanger stories, aerobatics and bloopers all sourounded by the most spectacular landscape in the world.

Beery does home movies the way my Daddy used to make em… what it lacks in polish he made up for in love of the subject. .. and I like it.

When two pilots pull a simultaneous abortion and narrowly miss blending each other’s wing you hear Beery chuckle and shout,” I GOT IT ON FILM! “
Pay attention and keep the remote handy because you will be rewinding over and over to catch it all. If you didn’t go …you will wish you had…and if you were there… You will bust a gut.

Good job Beery, I’ll be enjoying this long after I’ve lost the souvenir hat!
Now available on You Tube

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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